When to Call

Call Sanctuary Hospice at any time to get information.

The sooner you call us, the sooner we can start to help.

Hospice care is not just for a person’s last few days or weeks. Patients can benefit from hospice services for six months, or even longer.

A patient can be admitted to hospice when:

  • The patient or patient representative chooses hospice care
  • A doctor agrees hospice is appropriate

Patients can leave hospice at any time. Some patients improve under hospice care and leave the program. If people later need hospice services again, they can return to hospice care.

What should patients or families do if they are considering hospice care, or if they have questions about hospice?

  • Ask their doctor to discuss hospice.
  • Call Sanctuary Hospice for information or ask us to visit them to provide information.
  • Call Sanctuary Hospice again with more questions. Sanctuary Hospice wants families to fully understand their options and will respect any decision made.