Our Team

The Sanctuary Hospice care team provides education and support to patients and caregivers who are struggling with the declining health of their loved ones.

Our hospice team consists of the following professionals:

Medical Director, Clinical Coordinators, Social Workers, Chaplains, RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, Administrative Staff and Numerous Volunteers! 


Sanctuary Hospice remains committed to an above par experience of service giving patients extra special care each and every day. Sanctuary is LOCAL. There are no corporations advising Sanctuary Hospice. It is a NONPROFIT organization comprised of a local board of your friends and neighbors!

2017 Sanctuary Hospice Board of Directors
Dr. Marcus Britton, Tillmon Calvert, Mike Claiborne, V.M. Cleveland , Amy Forrest (Ex-Officio), Bob Glover, Walter Grace (Chair), Rhonda Hanby, Kim Hardin, Lisa Hawkins, Phyliss High, Dr. Frank Hodges, Steve Holland, Babs Hollimon, Emily Holmon, Bethanie Humphries, Terry Jackson, Strat Karatossos, Joy Kellum, Harry London, Harry Martin, Martha Monroe, Jimmy Mounce, Dr. Sam Pace, Hilda Parks, Greg Ray, Jim Spencer, Sam Stevens, Marilyn Summerford, Cheryl Ware.

Harold Plunkett
Chief Executive Officer
Harold serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Sanctuary Hospice. He provides the vision and direction for the organization. He joined Sanctuary in 2016 and brings over 30 years of administration and leadership experience to Sanctuary. Harold may be reached at (662)844-2111 or by e-mail at Harold@sanctuaryhospice.org

Tiwana O’Rear
Chief Operations Officer
Tiwana joined our organization in 2010 and serves as the Chief Operations Officer for both Sanctuary Hospice House and Sanctuary Home Hospice. She leads a dedicated and compassionate team and provides oversight to the daily operations, both administrative and clinical. In her commitment to personal growth and leadership Tiwana earned the designation of Certified Hospice Administrator in 2011. She may be reached by calling (662)844-2111or by e-mail at tiwana@sanctuaryhospice.org.

Michelle Robinson
CFO/Financial Director
Michelle is responsible for overseeing all accounting and financial activities of the organization, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, insurance billing, budgeting, banking relationships and general financial reporting. You may contact by telephone at 662-844-2111 or by email at michelle@sanctuaryhospice.org.

Heather Palmer
Director of Outreach & Fundraising
Heather Palmer serves as Sanctuary's Director of Outreach & Fundraising. She works with our Community Relations Representatives to form education and awareness initiatives for the counties we serve. Additionally, she works to raise new and ongoing funding for Sanctuary so that we may continue to provide above and beyond excellence in patient care. Heather may be reached by calling (662)407-2400 or by e-mail at heather@sanctuaryhospice.org.

Brittany Cook, RN; Courtney Rooker, RN; Julia Mitchum, RN
Sanctuary Hospice Directors of Nursing
As the Directors of Nursing, Brittany, Courtney and Julia assume responsibility for the implementation, delivery, coordination, and supervision of hospice services provided to patients of Sanctuary Hospice. They serve as members of the Interdisciplinary Team, helping to facilitate patients’ plans of care.  Courtney and Julia provide clinical oversight at Sanctuary Hospice House and may be reached at (662) 844-2111. Brittany provides clinical oversight of Sanctuary Home Hospice and may be reached at (662)407-2400.

Dr. James Lewis and Dr. Troy Ostrander, Sanctuary Hospice Medical Directors     Our Medical directors work to ensure that each hospice patient receives all the medically indicated services needed to control the symptoms of the patient's illness

Part of the benefit of utilizing hospice services is the extra assurance that the patient will be kept as comfortable as possible, and the hospice Medical Director  is an important part of the Interdisciplinary Team that makes the plan of care for each patient.

Chaplain, Social Work and Bereavement Support
Our dedicated group of chaplains, social workers and bereavement support bring no spiritual or religious "agenda." They offer an open, giving relationship outside the clinical medical routine. The frequency of visits is determined after a visit with the patient and in keeping with the plan of care. For more information on Sanctuary Hospice Support services, please call 877-845-2111.

Certified Staff
As part of our commitment to the premier patient experience, many of our dedicated employees have spent many hours of private learning to become equipped with the knowledge to pass their National Hospice Certifications. We commend these employees for their desire to service our patients to the best of their abilities through continuing educational opportunities!