Hospice Myths & Facts

Learn the facts!

  1. Sanctuary Hospice helps people who are nearing the end of their lives.
  2. Sanctuary Hospice helps the entire family, not just the patient.
  3. Sanctuary Hospice continues to help the family of a patient after the patient dies.
  4. When patients choose hospice, they can keep their own doctor.
  5. Sanctuary Hospice patients continue to take many of the medications that they have been taking.
  6. Sanctuary Hospice care takes place in people’s homes as well as nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  7. People who change their minds about hospice can leave hospice.
  8. Some patients improve under hospice care and leave the program.
  9. Hospice care is not only for the very last week of someone’s life; patients can receive services for months.
  10. Hospice is not limited to six months of care.

Sanctuary Hospice welcomes calls asking for information at any time.  877-845-2111