Hospice Criteria

We are often asked “What makes a patient appropriate for hospice services?”

Sanctuary Hospice can help patients with many late stage illnesses, including Cancer, Dementia, Heart, Lung, Kidney and Liver Diseases, ALS, HIV/AIDS, Stroke and a variety of other diagnoses.

The determination of life expectancy, or prognostication, can be very difficult to determine.  A patient may be eligible for hospice care if he or she has one or more of the following:

  • Physical decline; increased dependence
  • Sudden, unexpected weight loss
  • Decreased oral intake; related to worsening debility and/or dysphasia
  • Multiple comorbid conditions
  • Frequent or recurrent infections; UTI, pneumonia
  • Frequent, recent hospital visits
  • Advanced disease that for which the patient declines aggressive care

To help best determine if a patient is appropriate for hospice care, call Sanctuary staff to discuss your questions.