About Us

Our Story

The Sanctuary Story is an amazing one that began in August of 2000 on a medical mission trip

Our Team

The hospice team provides education and support to patients and caregivers

Our Locations

In addition to the Hospice House in Tupelo, we also have Home Hospice in two areas

What is Hospice?

Hospice care focuses on medical and personal comfort for people with advanced disease

Hospice Criteria

We are often asked “What makes a patient appropriate for hospice services?”


Learn how hospice can help your loved one live as fully as possible.

Myths & Facts

Here are a few things you may not know about hospice care and how it can benefit patients.

When to Call

What patients or families should do if they are considering hospice care

Photos and Videos

The place to view our photo albums, promotional videos, and more

Be a Volunteer

Becoming a hospice volunteer can give you one of the most life-affirming gifts you may ever rece


Apply here for a life-changing career in a field where you can make a huge impact on others

Virtual Tour

See a virtual tour and get a first-hand look at our facilities.